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Customized Programs


Import / Export Compliance

Our experienced team will be able to assist to identify gaps, areas of concerns and make the necessary changes to prevent shortfalls.  We are also able to become your outsourced import/export manager.  


Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is but one layer in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) multi-layered cargo enforcement strategy. Through this program, CBP works with the trade community to strengthen international supply chains and improve United States border security.  

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)

No matter the size of your company you can take advantage of a foreign-trade zone  (FTZ).   Many companies are unaware of the sizeable cost savings  and other benefits they can receive by taking advantage of an FTZ  program. Utilizing an FTZ can significantly reduce costs from customs  duties, taxes and tariffs; improve global market competitiveness and  minimize bureaucratic regulations. 

Procurement/Purchasing Management

Identify the purchasing needs, vendor and supplier options, negotiate purchase agreements and contracts.  Handle any special needs associated such as licenses, permits, documentary requirements, etc. both domestic and internationally.  Manage the supply chain, logistics, and freight requirements.


Our continued education program, in tandem with many of our other programs, is designed to develop your staffs international skill sets and for indoctrination into newly developed procedures.  We offer our services to explain, implement, hand hold, provide resources and make certain the efforts put into developing the trade compliance procedures and compliance management program become a cost-effective reality.  

Transportation Expertise

Part of a global freight forwarding network with the capability to assist in moving freight in and out of the United States as well as all over the world.  We refer our consulting clients into or we manage our clients' freight needs, with the best fit freight forwarder, 3PL, and warehouse.  Though part or global network, we remain independent to avoid any conflict of interest in our supply chain consulting work. This provides our clients with an unbiased perspective.

We have many ways and opportunities to customize a program to meet our clients needs.  No matter how difficult or challenging we rise to task with 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact us today and speak to our team so we can create the program your organization needs.